Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tasting The Town-Humble

Tonight was the Tasting the Town event at the Humble Civic Center. I was kindly invited to perform at the "Nico's Place" booth, as the owners had heard of me through Cafe du Bois. There were 4 or 5 other performers, and they all sounded awesome--they had a very powerful PA set up. John and the kids went with me since it was only an hour, and we got to sample some of the awesome restaurants in the area. When it was my turn to play, I plugged in my harmonizer, guitar and mic, into their soundboard, and the sound guy Scottish Bob, fiddled with the settings to try and get me to sound clear and loud without feedback, but the harmonizer pedal wasn't cooperating so after 2 songs, I decided to let someone else go up, and I'd go home and fetch my Bose. I was stressed and felt like I made a horrible impression on the Nico's place owners, other musicians, and local businesses :( I hurried back and John dropped me off with my Bose (he took the kids home for dinner since they were getting whiney.)
    I got my second chance and set up my Bose--Bob helped me position it correctly so as to have it as loud as possible without feedback. It sounded great! I was so relieved. I was also so elated to hear so much applause for my new songs I've been learning! I played:

*"Rum & Coca Cola"
*"Breaking the Girl"
*"Yes it Is"
*"Goodnight Sweetheart"
*"Island in the Sun"
*"Dani California"
*"Run For Your Life"
*"Don't Do Me Like That"
*"I'm Not Your Toy"
*"My Favorite Game/Love Song" (mashup)
*"Aint No Sunshine"
*"Girl From Ipanema"
*"Wicked Game"
*"Ugly Girl"
*"In The Waiting Line"
And this cute little boy came over right in front of me to watch--so I played the "Franklin" Theme song :) Everyone seemed to love that one lol. Didn't know it'd be such a hit! haha!

   I am so appreciative that Greg & Emmy invited me to play, and I met some awesome musicians that I truly hope to collaborate with in the near future! Nico's Place will soon be hosting Sunday brunches, and they asked me to play for them soon. Ironically, Nico's was one of the places I first sent ads to :)

    I also got to see Tony Raffa and his wife Leslie at their booths for Amedeo's & Raffa's----delicious food--sausage & Peppers and tiramisu! I saw my first employer Tony Austin with the Cafe du Bois display and talked to Martha & Abel---who made me this yummy sample of steak and die for :)I told Tony Austin that no matter if all this music stuff ends here for me, or if it's just the beginning, I will always remember he was the first to give me the chance! He has been very supportive of me wherever I play. Tony Raffa came by and complimented me on my music; I hope to get to play for one of his restaurants sometime.

   A few people took my cards and I was also approached by a fine dining restaurant employee who is looking for live entertainers. It was so exciting to be heard and appreciated---all because my husband decided to buy me a new set-up. I never would've spent that much $$, but he truly knows best! (And it's paying for itself haha).

  Tonight's second chance went so well, I feel good tonight. I am hopeful that tomorrow night at Berryhill will go just as well!

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