Thursday, June 16, 2016

New Stuff

I'll be playing at the Cadillac Pub in Mckinney in August, so I've been rehearsing with my new looper pedal. Here are some newer videos:

Friday, July 31, 2015

Back in the Saddle!

I took a little hiatus from live music to make babies, and even though i'm not quite done, I am ready to play again :)

I just got this nylon string Yamaha this summer and I am itching to play it live. I have been rehearsing some new stuff and playing with this looper pedal too.

I am going to begin looking around for gigs soon. Hope to add some dates for August!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

JULY --my last gigs for this pregnancy :)

I have "put in my notice" and decided to finish off July and that will be it until next year....depending on Frankie's temperament! I have had lots of fun and felt so fulfilled in successfully turning a hobby into extra money, and having a chance to express myself in music. I have appreciated all the support and the chances given me and look forward to getting back into it with some fresh material next year.

     Here are my last gigs this month at NYLO:

Friday  July 5th            7p-10p      NYLO Las Colinas (Irving)     
Wednesday  July 10th   6p-9p       NYLO Las Colinas (Irving)
Thursday  July 11th       6p-9p       NYLO Las Colinas (Irving)
Friday    July 19th         7p-10p     NYLO Las Colinas (Irving)
Wednesday  July 24th    6p-9p      NYLO Las Colinas (Irving)

And here is the address: 
1001 W Royal Lane
Irving TX 75039

NYLO is a modern hotel modeled after New York lofts. It has a restaurant/bar called "The Loft" that has great food and drinks, a library, pool table, beautiful pool with an outdoor bar and luxurious seating in and out. 

Friday, June 7, 2013

June 2013!

I'm no longer on facebook, and may be slowly weaning myself from the stage for the rest of the pregnancy, but for now my NYLO gigs are still going :)
   We have moved further north to Aubrey, so if I should want to get back into the live music scene, I might go look in Denton. Here are June's dates for now:

NYLO/Las Colinas in Irving TX:
June 7th 2013       7:30-10:00pm
June 13th 2013     6:00-9:00pm
June 14th 2013     7:00-10:00pm
June 21st 2013     7:00-10:00pm
June 28th 2013     7:00-10:00pm

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

May 2013!

Although we will be closing in early May and moving north to Aubrey, I will still be playing some of the same gigs. I think the tollways will allow for an easy 'commute!'

   Here are my gigs thus far:

~Thursday May 2nd, 2013     Savour Tasting Room & Social Club  Watter's Creek  7p-10p
~Friday May 3rd 2013         NYLO/Las Colinas "The Loft" Irving, TX          6p-9p
~Thursday May 9th 2013     Savour Tasting Room & Social Club  Watter's Creek  7p-10p
~Friday May 10th 2013       NYLO/Las Colinas "The Loft" Irving, TX           6p-9p
~Friday May 17th 2012       Savour Tasting Room & Social Club Watter's Creek     7p-10p
~Wednesday May 22nd 2013     NYLO/Las Colinas "The Loft" Irving, TX      6p-9p
~Thursday May 23rd 2013   Savour Tasting Room & Social Club  Watter's Creek  7p-10p
~Friday May 24th 2013              NYLO/Las Colinas "The Loft" Irving, TX      6p-9p
~Wednesday May 29th 2013      NYLO/Las Colinas "The Loft" Irving, TX     6p-9p
~Thursday May 30th 2013     Savour Tasting Room & Social Club  Watter's Creek  7p-10p
~Friday May 31st 2013              Sip & Savor  Plano, TX                                6p-9p

NYLO Las Colinas Irving, TX 

 Sip & Savor  Plano, TX

Savour Tasting Room & Social Club~ Watter's Creek Allen, TX

Friday, April 5, 2013

April 2013!

I'm back from our trip to WA and ready to get back to playing!
 This months gigs are:

ALL thursdays in April~~ Savour Tasting Room (Watter's Creek)  6:30-9:30pm
ALL fridays in April~~~NYLO/ Las Colinas (Irving)     6p-9p

          Savour Tasting Room & Social Club
Watter's Creek 
Allen, TX

NYLO Las Colinas
1001 W Royal Lane
Irving, TX 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

March 2013!

Photo credit: Ramiro Carrizales (late summer 2012)
I have a short schedule for the month of March, due to a family trip to Washington for my brother-in-law's wedding. I will be gone from March 16th-March 28th.

  Here is the schedule:

Friday ~March 1st   Sip & Savor  6p-9p
Thursday ~March 7th  Savour Tasting Room & Social Club    7p-10p
Friday ~March 8th NYLO/Las Colinas  6p-9p
Thursday ~March 14th  Savour Tasting Room & Social Club  7p-10p
Friday ~March 15th NYLO/Las Colinas 6p-9p

 Sip & Savor's crab cakes, which are much more crab than cake :)
 Built in 1893.

 Me and John Weeks, owner of "Sip & Savor" in Plano. Lovely intimate venue. Love playing here.
 A few times, people have come to my gigs expecting the Samantha Fox from the 80's..british pop/porn star :) I do have her record, and plan to someday learn "Naughty Girls Need Love Too"...Someday..
 My latest gig at NYLO--I met this pretty girl named Lacey--she is training to be a professional boxer! Yowsa!
 First time playing at Watter's Creek~ beautiful area, with shops and restaurants. Will be outside from 7-10p Thursdays March 7th/14th :)