Friday, July 6, 2012

Some Newer Stuff

"Jezebel" -Sade cover

"Sunlight" Bagraiders cover

"Little One" Beck cover

"Too Far Gone" Emmylou Harris cover...this is the song I unsuccessfully auditioned for American Idol with last year :)

"Destiny" Zero 7 cover..rebootered. 

"Home" Zero 7 cover...difficultish..


Anonymous said...

I'll comment several times. so far I like the jezebel cover a lot. I'm not sure where in your set you have it, but don't open with it. open with something upbeat.
I'm so impressed with the progress you've made with your playing and singing. your voice is flawless and jezebel is soooo danged hard to play AND sing.
sunlight is one of my favorite songs, but i think it really needs that beat and bass in it. otherwise its just too mellowed down. i would skip that one.
little one is great, but again, kind of a snoozer. it just depends on the order of the songs. you have to have a few upbeat ones, then a down. i'll keep listening.
oh, by the way, have you ever tried 2 more bottles of wine by emmy lou?

Anonymous said...

ok, i can't believe I'm saying this, but I think you might be using too much dynamics in these songs. Too Far Gone needs to be simpler, in my opinion. I guess I'm kind of a purist on these songs. you have an amazing voice, but i think you'd do better to just stick with trying to do it straight forward, you know what I mean? no kinks, cracks, n yodels. BUT, this is just a preference of mine and i can't say what normal people think. the zero 7 songs I would leave out of your set. they're too far out, like, i don't think people will know what to think of them and they are kind of all over the place you know? like, hard to hum to...or something

Anonymous said...

Oh do Hall & Oates. maybe you make my dreams?

Iris said...

I like the way you sang "Too Far Gone" I really like it when your guitar intros sound pretty and then your voice comes in all beautiful too <3

Do you have any covers by the Beatles or even the Bee Gees? I like

I LOVE medleys...not necessarily like this one, but they make me happy :D
This one is just funny to watch (not really relevant I guess)
I really LOVE it when he sings the Michael Jackson though...oh so awesome!

I also liked how you sang and played Destiny. I would use that one :)

I love your singing..I could listen to you forever :D

Here's another song I LOVE and I think you could sing VERY NICELY!

And another, though this one is pretty dark

Oh and I really like that you cover Sade because I think her songs totally match your style.

Ok :D sorry for the long feedback. Hope I was helpful.

Prolifegirly said...

Hey susan--thanks for your input. I agree with sunlight needing a beat etc. Little One might be a snoozer..i might keep it though. I definitely have to keep my zero7 songs...they prepare me for other security lol. I think some might enjoy them even if they haven't heard them. I am sorta tryin hall n oates...not sure yet. :)

iris--no dont apologize for long comments! the more help the better. I enjoyed that medley you sent--he's very talented!
I LOVE that norah song you sent "good morning"...def learning it :) I'll have to find some popular stuff to add in like beatles. I hope i actually get a gig now lol.