Friday, April 20, 2012


After talking with my husband about this music venture I am taking, we agreed that it would be unrealistic not to think I had to invest some money in new equipment. I researched and spoke to my mom and her musician friend for advice for what I might need. I decided on this:
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It's a Fender Passport P.A. System. I definitely needed it since the volume on the acoustic amp for my mic input would feedback if above 4. I love the way my voice is so clear and I can use reverb on the new PA system. It's conveniently packed as the two speakers attach to the main unit for easy carrying. I could also plug in my guitar since it has 4 channels, but I think I will use my acoustic amp for the guitar still--esp since it sounds much richer and clearer without the mic input being used.
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   I can have the volume high on the PA and not get feedback. I was going to buy a monitor to better hear myself (as you have to place the PA speakers away in front of you to prevent feedback) but I didn't want to haul anymore equipment by myself or pay $150 more. So I decided I could plug in some headphones to the mixer to hear just my voice and it's awesome! I can control my pitch and tone so much better now that I have it right in my ear. I will be looking for some cheap wireless headphones possibly this week. I am adjusting to the levels and trying to find the perfect set-up and volume/tone levels to balance the guitar and my voice for gigs.

   I didn't need to buy a new mic because my sennheiser is actually good quality. I bought a guitar stand, and strings in case they break. I may buy a stool, and put up a tip/comment jar too :)

      I can also plug in my ipod (need to buy adapter) to the PA, so that when I take breaks I can play soft music in the background.

   John still chuckles when I take myself seriously and say "gig", "artist" or "show", but I don't care. I know I have yet to prove anything so he can laugh :)

  He also expected me to spend much more than I did (the PA was ~$400, and I got a discount for tax day).

See the difference? I look scary in the dark one!

 I also received my new flyers and they look exactly how I wanted--plus I was able to add on the link to this site to promote my stuff. I am very impressed with vistaprint and highly recommend them. Let's hope I get the opportunity to use them again!

   The only thing keeping me from going in and trying to get hired, is that I need a demo. I know I could refer them to my youtube, but I know I probably wouldn't hire me based on those low-quality videos, and they were more for fun. I have been taking myself seriously finally so I know I can do better. I purchased an hour worth of recording time at a studio about an hour away, (thanks for the coupon Alexandra!) and I am in the process of choosing the best 3 or 4 songs to record to highlight my style as a live musician. The only song I know I will include for sure is "Destiny" by Zero 7--it gets the most comments on my youtube lol.

   Once I get the disc of professionally recorded songs, I will put them on here and either make a separate youtube for music, or burn CDs. I truly hope this is the start of something good.


My boy, my life said...

wow, good for you girl!! You are so talented and I know you will go far! :) I LOVE your flier pic to! woo hoo!!!

Prolifegirly said...

thanks shawna! I feel nervous about this whole thing and telling everyone before I even get hired anywhere, but I am taking so much time trying to get it all in line, that I am impatient and I wanted to I am hoping for some feedback. I might just make new videos and put them up since I don't really have the time to go the recording studio...its an hour away and John's been picking up overtime again. Thanks for being part of this with me :) I hope to not embarrass myself too much !

Papi's Girl said...

WOW! Your voice is absolutely amazing. I love it. :)

Prolifegirly said...

oh thank you so much!