Sunday, January 27, 2013

We've Dallas!

We have successfully completed our move to the DFW area, and settled least for a few months as I'm happy to announce we are building a home north of Dallas!
   I have booked a few gigs in the coming month that I want to share here-- I played my first gig on friday night (jan 25th) at the luxurious NYLO/Las Colinas Hotel Bar, "The Loft".

It was an awesome bar and I hooked up my mixer to their system without any issues. It was nice because my nerves went away since most of the time everyone was busy enjoying each other's company, the ambiance and the drinks, that I could really get comfortable. Eventually I wondered if people were enjoying my music at all and had doubts. But around 8:30/9pm people started coming in and talking and a few different people told me they didn't even know it was live music---they thought it was a track! I was really flattered by that. I ended up playing over 4 hrs, since I started early and played late, but I enjoyed myself even though my throat dried up almost had been a month since I played/sang! I knew I was the right fit for this venue when, upon packing up, the NYLO music (they turn on when there isn't live music) played this track (one of my favorite bands):
So I will be playing at NYLO/Las Colinas again next month. :)

Next up is the adorable 19th century Victorian home converted to a restaurant called "Sip & Savor". Retaining it's original cozy charm, diners & winers can share intimate meals here in one of their 4 dining rooms. I will be playing music on the small loft upstairs but the beautiful wood floors and shape of the home provide excellent acoustics to be enjoyed throughout the restaurant. Definitely a great place to bring either a date, or a group of close friends (you can reserve a whole room!) Please stop by and support this local business, and local music!
 Thank you to everyone for your support--I look forward to many more opportunities to play my music in and around Dallas!

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